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What We Do

Id like to tell you a bit more about LAD Web Design barberton. We specialize in Web Design and Marketing solutions for small businesses. Our services include but are not limited to Web Design Marketing Branding SEO Social Networking Promotion and more. We are Dedicated to serving small businesses with any Marketing needs they may have. We have made Countless websites for local businesses and provided businesses all over the country with marketing Strategies and campaigns. 

We understand that Every Potential Customer is Important. For instance, the average American Household spends about 3000.00 Per Year dining out. So 1 customer, or 2 may not seem like a lot, but that translates to 3-6000.00 in potential earnings that your missing out on in 1 year. That’s also assuming that you only missing out on 1-2. If a website brings even 5 new customers over the period of 1 year that is the potential for 15,000.00 in additional revenue to your business per year. If a marketing Campaign brings 3 new customers that is potentially 9,000.00 in revenue per year.

The Average website and or marketing campaign will pay for itself Nearly 10 times over a 1 year period. A few of our Customers had 40% More Customers in 1 Year after getting a Well Designed Website and promoting that website. 40% Growth rate in 1 year is a Pretty Big Deal. Most will not see that same growth rate, those were unique circumstances, however a website opens up Endless possibilities for nearly any business. I can say with absolute certainty that it will work for you!

Through our experience we have learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting a companies name out there, specifically online. We also do Localized marketing for businesses that provide their communities with a service. 

Why do you need a website, specific brand, or marketing campaign? Well I will start off by saying that your competitors probably have all of the above. If a potential customer is looking for a specific product or service in your area, will they choose a company that has a website over one that doesn’t? In most cases they will choose the one with a nice clean website showing their products or services. Especially if they are looking for a visual representation of the services or products a specific business provides. That means missing out on potential customers, which is never a good thing for the bottom line.

How We Got Started

I got started in web design due to Necessity. I owned 2 Small businesses that were doing fairly well, but not really growing at a rate that I was happy with. I reached out to several So Called Marketing Experts only to be disappointed in each one. The same can be said for the Web Hosts and So Called Web Design Experts I worked with. The problem with the marketing experts was that they did not understand my business, and where I wanted to see it go. They used a Generic plan, the same plan that they use for every other business and it didn’t work. The web Designers and web hosts did make me a couple nice looking websites, but it ended there. There are OVER 4 BILLION WEBSITES. What makes mine stand out? How will people find it? Well they didn’t.

¬†Most web designers create a website, then let the client take it from there. The website itself is the easy part, getting traffic to that website gets complicated. These designers got paid and at that point their job was done and they didn’t care if no one ever seen the site they created for me. That’s not how we do things. We design your website from the ground up and Build I For Search Optimization. We do the same for marketing campaigns. We build them from the ground up for each business. Let us work for you, save the time and Hassle that bargain brand web designers and marketing experts that don’t care cause!

Small Business Web Design and Marketing Service. Specializing in Web Promotion, web Design, Digital marketing, Branding, social networking, and Search Engine Optimization. 

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