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LAD Web Design is an all around Marketing service Dedicated to Small Businesses. We provide a Wide Variety of Web Solution and Marketing services to best fit your Specific needs. Small Businesses are the Backbone of our country and Economy. We understand this, and we appreciate it!  

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Web Design and Marketing in Akron and Barberton Ohio

Web Design | Marketing | SEO | Social Networking | Web Presence | We Do It ALL!

As a Small Business Owner I understand the Challenge that Marketing can be. I also understand what it takes to make a small business thrive. Its more important than ever to utilize Digital marketing to its fullest extent. Getting seen online can boost your business income and in turn growth. We have seen it time after time. Something as simple as a Website or well written social media posts can convert more potential customers to actual customers than you may think. Some studies show that a website, combined with targeted social media content can increase conversions by up to 50%. That means 50% more people coming to your business and 50% more revenue. LAD Web Design in Barberton and Akron has done this for Countless Businesses and we can do it for you! Don’t go at it Alone! We are Here To Help You!

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100% Free Consultation for Small Businesses. We will figure out a Marketing Strategy Specifically designed for you to best fit your Small Business. Our team is Here to help you with Any Marketing needs you may have!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services do you provide?

We are a Full Scope marketing and web design agency. This means we do it all. Web Design, Branding, Local and Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Networking, Local and Digital Advertising Campaigns, Graphic Design, Photography and more. We also provide a wide variety of management programs for your Website, social media, and marketing and advertising campaigns.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Its the process of optimizing your content to be found on Search Engines. Its a Very Important part of Web Design, Social Networking, and Marketing. If your content is not optimized, there is a good chance it will never be found online. 

Will My Website be Mobile Friendly?

Every Website we designed is optimized for Desktop, Tablet, and mobile. With more and more people using their Phones to look for products and services, having your site mobile friendly is Extremely Important. If your site is not optimized for both mobile phones and tablets you are missing out on potential customers.

Can you teach me to manage my Website and Social Media?

Absolutely! We can teach you how to keep your site up to date, manage posts and content, upload new pictures and more! We can also teach you how to keep your Social Media content up to date and show you how to create relative content for both. 

Can you manage my website for me?

Yes! We offer several content management services to keep your Website, social media content, advertising and marketing campaigns, branding, and SEO up to date. We can update any of your content weekly, bi-weekly, or on a month to month basis. Keeping your content is Very important for both customers and Search Engines. If your content is not being updated on a regular basis, it will fall behind.  

How long will it take to Complete my Website?

Unlike many Web Design companies, we do not have long turn around times for our web design services. We understand that you need your site done fast so that it can start generating business for you! It does depend a lot on what type of site. For instance an E Commerce website with a lot of various products for sale will take longer than a website for a construction company that is selling a service. Either way, turn around time on your site is generally 1-2 weeks.  

How much will it cost to have a website made for my business?

We offer Very Competitive pricing on our website design services. The cost will largely depend on what type of site you need, what your goals for your site, how large your site will need and if you are selling products through your website. The cost for a website designed and published for you starts at 500.00. Depending on the specifics of your business and what you would like to use your site for the cost can go up. Most websites cost between 800.00 and 1500.00. When you think about it, even the higher end of that pricing is not that bad. Especially when you consider this is a site that you will have forever that can be updated at any time to fit your businesses needs. 

Why do I need a website for my Business?

Every business, large or small can benefit from a nice, clean website. It opens up endless possibilities. Your website can be used as a portfolio, for advertising, to list products and services, as a sales platform and much more. It gives potential customers a visual representation of what your business provides. Not to mention that I can assure you that your competitors have a website, so if you don’t you could be making it easier for them to take your potential customers. 

Why Choose LAD Web Design for your Marketing Needs?

We provide a Wide Variety of marketing solutions that will fit any business. Our Services will allow you to do anything that you could possibly want to do without using several companies to do so. We offer everything from web design to management to photography and merchandise. LAD Web Solutions is a One Stop Shop for All your Marketing Needs. We also consider Local Businesses Our Highest Priority! Our Local Business and Veteran Discounts are aimed at serving local businesses. If our community grows, we all grow!

With Coronavirus playing such a huge role in social and business engagements we have reconsidered the way we approach marketing. We do our best to provide a safe service for you and your customers. Anything that can be done Via Phone or online will be. For the services that need to be carried out on site like Photography we do our best to keep our distance and keep ourselves and our equipment clean. 

As far as out marketing approach is concerned we have changed things slightly as well. More and more customers are wanting delivery and social distance approved solutions for their needs. We do our best to make your business competitive even with the added difficulty of Cvoid-19. Our approach is up to date and Current. I will say that most marketing and web design agencies do not take the current state of the country into consideration. I can assure you that we do and we will continue to keep our methods up to date ad the country, state and world changes. 

Whats the difference between a Web Designer and Web Builder tool like Wix?

Let me start off by saying that I do not like or recommend site building tools like Wix or Squarespace. These easy to use tools are that they are designed to be user friendly and let nearly anyone create a website. That sounds Great right? I can assure that its not. The first issue is that these Web Builder tools have Millions of users, and a few hundred web templates. That means those templates are shared between Millions of users. If you want an Original and Creative site, these tools are not for you. 

Flashy isn't always a good thing

Another issue with these web builder tools is that they are specifically designed to look nice and flashy. Don’t get me wrong, a nice looking site is important but its not everything. If a site looks amazing, its well designed and clean but does not get any traffic its not be seen to be appreciated. Millions of people have had this problem with tools like wix. They spend a lot of time, and sometimes money on a site that they can be proud of, but nobody but them ever sees it. 

This is because these tools are not set up to be optimized for search results, in fact in many cases they are not even able to be crawled (seen) by search engines like google. This means that not only do these sites prevent you from optimizing the site yourself, they google couldn’t see them even if they gave you enough capability to optimize.

Terrible Customer Service is not a good Quality in a Web Designer

Customer service is another big issue for me, and you Im sure especially if you have ever had the terrible experience of trying to get in tough with some of these builder tools. Most of the time the customer service reps are unresponsive and either incapable or unwilling to help with nearly everything. Not to mention the hours and hours of waiting just to speak to someone. 

Another Big issue is Moving a site from one of these DIY Site builders. If you outgrow their services, or just decide to go another rout its neatly impossible in most cases to transfer your site to a different host. That means your either stuck with them forever, or you have to start over. 

There are Many more reasons Not to choose a DIY Web Builder tool that I wont list here. Tyton Media did a Great article about DIY Builders that you should check out before you make any decision.

What's the difference

The difference between all of what I just described and a website Designer is that a designer should be creating a Completely original and 1 of a kind website for you. It should be built to your specifications to best fit your needs. Your business should be their top priority. If you have questions or have a problem with something, you should be able to call and speak to them directly without going through a long strung out process and wait time. Your site should be designed around Search Engine Optimization from the start. Of course, not all “web designers” are alike. But if you choose a good one, they should be an asset to your business and they should be dedicated to your success and growth ad a company. 



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