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Covid-19 Marketing and Business Plans for 2021

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Doing Business in 2021

 Do you have Covid-19 Marketing and Business plans for 2021? have listed some good measure practices for doing business amid the Coronavirus at the bottom of this page. For more Coronavirus business practices feel free to contact us anytime. We are giving free advice to to small businesses struggling with conducting business because of this virus. We are not looking to make money selling you some Covid-19 era marketing pitch. We are here to help small businesses during the good times and the bad. We want you to know that!


Learn to thrive in difficult times!

Business Strategies, Marketing and planning amid Covid-19

2020 was a Strange year to say the least. The world experienced many new challenges and we have all had to adapt to begin to overcome them. 2021 is undoubtedly going to have its own set of challenges to overcome as well. One of these challenges is the Coronavirus. Many businesses, small businesses in particular have suffered greatly because of the hardships that come along with the measures we have to take due to the virus.

Many businesses are having a difficult time rethinking their way of doing business to be successful in the new covid-19 era. But some are doing extremely well despite it. These are the ones that have restructured their business plans and practices. Fewer people are wanting to go to brick and mortar establishments. Social distancing keeps us all 6ft apart. How can you conduct business in a productive way challenges like these?

Here at Lad Web Design we have adapted to the new standards that come along with Covid-19. We have adjusted our marketing strategies, business plans and promotions to help your business thrive through this strange time. We have re-imagined the way we market our clients. Everything from their websites to advertising is done with Covid-19 in mind. We are not creating your business plans around the Virus, we are setting it up to cope with it. Hopefully things will be back to normal sooner than later however you still need to conduct business while we wait.

Covid-19 Marketing and Business Plans for 2021

Your Covid-19 Marketing and Business Plans for 2021

The fact is that your business can do extremely well, even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. You just have to change a few business practices and put yourself in a position to adapt to the situation. We can help with creating new business practices that will give your business the best chance of thriving during Covid-19. Our business plans will not be built around the coronavirus, they will be designed despite it. When this pandemic is over, we don’t want you to have to completely redesign your business plans and practices. 

One simple step that can be taken, without changing your entire brand is reassuring your customers and potential customers that you are doing well despite the virus situation. Another simple thing to do is have an abundance of masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing signs and floor markers. This will let your customers know that your business cares about their well being and is doing what they can to protect them. I listed a few other basic practices below that will at the very least let your customers know that you care. 

  • The 1st step is Creating some type of Covid-19 Marketing and business plans for 2021
  • Disinfecting and cleaning on a regular basis. 
  • Wiping down counter tops, doors and door handles, tables and other commonly used surfaces before a customer comes in and after they leave.
  • Display Signs and brochures with information about the virus.
  • Enforce masks and social distancing. This may be controversial to some, however if you have several customers wearing masks and social distancing and 1 that does not, your risking the several customers comfort and trust to please one. 
  • When possible, provide services like consultation and business meetings via phone or video conference. 
  • Offer contact free delivery.
  • Look into your local community guidelines and make sure you are familiar with them and doing your best to comply with them.

These are just a few basic options that may make your customers more comfortable doing business with you and will help to reinforce trust in your brand. Obviously these are not the only things that can be done, but its a good start. These are also not viable or relevant options for every business. You want to let your customers know that your brand is here to stay and you want them to know that your looking out for them, even during a pandemic.

Useful Cvoid-19 Information and resources

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