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Feb 13, 2024

Embrace the Festive Spirit at Louth Christmas Craft Market

Are you ready to indulge in the holiday season and immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas? Look no further than the enchanting Louth Christmas Craft Market, where you can experience the true festivities and find unique treasures to make your holiday season extra special. Located at Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages, this is a must-visit event that promises to leave you filled with joy and lasting memories.

Discover the Louth Christmas Craft Market

The Louth Christmas Craft Market is a beloved annual event that celebrates the spirit of Christmas in all its glory. Located in the picturesque town of Louth, Lincolnshire, this market offers a diverse range of handcrafted goods that make perfect gifts for your loved ones or delightful keepsakes for yourself. From beautifully designed ornaments to unique artwork and personalized crafts, you'll find something to suit every taste and preference.

A Feast for the Senses

As you wander through the market, be prepared to have your senses captivated by the sights, sounds, and smells of the festive season. The air will be filled with the aroma of freshly baked goods, mulled wine, and other delightful treats that are sure to tempt your taste buds. The stalls will be adorned with twinkling lights, creating a magical atmosphere that puts you in the perfect mood for celebrating Christmas.

Supporting Local Artisans

One of the most wonderful aspects of the Louth Christmas Craft Market is its commitment to supporting local artisans and small businesses. By purchasing from these talented individuals, you are not only taking home a unique treasure but also helping to sustain the local economy. The market provides a platform for these artisans to showcase their talents and share their passion with the world.

Enhance Your Stay at Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages

Make the most of your visit to the Louth Christmas Craft Market by staying at Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages. Our luxurious cottages are situated in the heart of the countryside, offering a serene retreat after a day of exploring the market. Each cottage is beautifully decorated, creating a cozy and festive ambiance that will instantly put you in the holiday spirit.

Unwind in Comfort and Style

Our holiday cottages are designed with your comfort and relaxation in mind. With spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and comfortable bedrooms, you'll have everything you need for a memorable stay. Curl up by the fireplace with a good book, enjoy a hot cup of cocoa while gazing at the winter scenery, or indulge in a rejuvenating soak in the bathtub. Your stay at Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages will be a true home away from home.

Convenient Location

Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages are conveniently located near the Louth Christmas Craft Market, making it easily accessible for our guests. You can conveniently visit the market multiple times during your stay and truly immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere. After a day of shopping and wandering through the stalls, you can retreat to the tranquility of your cottage and unwind surrounded by nature.

Create Lasting Memories

The Louth Christmas Craft Market at Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages offers not only a shopping experience but also a chance to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether you're enjoying a horse-drawn carriage ride, listening to carol singers, or admiring the beautifully decorated Christmas trees, there are numerous opportunities to capture special moments during your visit. These memories will be cherished for years to come, making it a truly magical experience for the whole family.

Book Your Stay at Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages

Don't miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in the festive spirit at the Louth Christmas Craft Market. Book your stay at Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages now and secure your place in this magical celebration of all things Christmas. Unforgettable experiences await you and your loved ones!

Experience the Magic

At Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages, we believe in creating unforgettable experiences for our guests. The Louth Christmas Craft Market is just one example of the magical events that you can enjoy. We invite you to embrace the true spirit of Christmas, embrace the joy of giving, and embrace the magic that comes alive during the holiday season. Book your stay today and let us be a part of your unforgettable holiday memories.


With the Louth Christmas Craft Market at Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages, you can create memories that will last a lifetime. Indulge in the festive spirit, discover unique crafts, and surround yourself with the magic of Christmas. Don't miss out on this enchanting event - book your stay now and secure your place at the heart of the celebrations. Unleash the joy of the holiday season and experience the magic at Rigsby Wold Holiday Cottages today!